Our company is based on integrity management to meet customer's needs

  Starplas NewMaterial (Hong Kong)Limited,which is specialized in chemical engineering and plastics, has many years ofexperience in engineering plastic sales and technical support service. Our company is dedicated to introduce theexcellent products from all of theworld to the customers in China.

   Being an agent,ourcompany sales excellentproducts for the world famous manufacturers such as Japan's Polyplastics, AsahiKASEI, Teijin, UBE,Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, SumikaDow, HONEYWELL, Dupont, Solutia, Covestro, Basf, Korea LG,Taiwan's Chimei, Solvay and others.

   Our company has general taxpayerqualification.In order tooffer better service to customers, our company has branchoffices and warehouses in south China, central China, east China, north Chinaregion of the mainland.And our companyhas a flexible mode of operation:

 *Providetaxable goods to domestic customers

 *Thebuyers could surrender documents in HongKong and pick up goods by themselves.

 *Deliveryto the port customers designated and the buyer to declare customs.

Ourcompany is based on "integrity management",to meet the customer'sdemand to serve the concept. We  wish to cooperate  to create a bright future together!

Company Culture
Company Culture

The Basic Concept Integrity Management and The Importance of Customers.

Starplas New Material (Hong Kong)Limited, which is attendto be a great company to win customers’ trust, is not only provides advancedhigh added-value products from all over the world, but also provides meticuloustechnical and after-sales service to become a family with customers. To meetcustomer needs as a service concept and achieve broad social contribution byserving customers.

We advocate to form a community interest among customers,employees and suppliers, and strive to satisfy them.

  Our company emphasize the importance of theincreasing value of human capital. The  disciplined employees with common values andthe expertise is the human capital of the company. Constantly improve thestaff's mental state, mutual collaboration skills and the employees' unique andexquisite skills, expertise and experience, is the foundation to parlay the  company's financial capital and otherresources.

Industry Application






1 机械及电气类相关专业,大专以上学历或等同的专业能力,熟练操作各类设计软件

2 具有系统的思维能力,熟悉各类机械原理,有3年以上机械设备开发经验和相应的电气知识




1 非金属矿专业、混凝土及水泥、高分子材料等相关专业,无工作经验要求

2 具有较广的知识面,勤学好问,具有独立思考的能力和学习能力

3 对自我有严格的要求, 具有强烈的求知欲和上进心 ,能承受较大的工作压力和良好的心理素质

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